is a professionally managed information technology(IT) company in the area of software development. We employs highly-skilled who are capable to execute any IT related job professionally and elegantly. We provide the market with innovative, flexible and smart software solutions.



Structured Curriculum

Hands-on Projects

Assistance with academic projects

Internship Training

Collaborative Learning Environment

Experienced Instructors

Our Key Features

Our comprehensive courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the ever-evolving world of technology

Empower your coding journey with our courses in full stack development, Angular, Ionic for mobile apps, Node.js API, and database mastery (PostgreSQL, Oracle).

Also we offer internships and assistance with college project alongside our training programs.


Advanced ERP software

ERP Transactions


Cloud Based Solution

Our Key Features

Administration Module for creating users, adding menu and control menu rights for individual User. Can also administrate company, division, branch etc.

The finance module in an ERP system manages financial transactions and processes such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and fixed assets. It provides accurate financial reporting, ensures compliance with accounting standards, and enables better financial decision-making.

Report Print

The ERP inventory and procurement module provides businesses with a comprehensive solution managing inventory levels and procurement processes. It enables real-time inventory insights, automated alerts, and notifications for restocking and purchasing. The module is customizable and integrates with other ERP modules for seamless end-to-end supply chain management.

User can raise issues and queries through support chat, chat box for interaction with the development team

Additional Features


You can access every information from the dashboard, Financial Reports, Report wise count and many more …

Master Screens

The app supports 15+ Master screens. You can enter common information in masters, and it can be selected in Finance Transactions. So you don't have to type everything again and again.

Custom Themes

You can personalize the look and feel of the applications

Data Backup

We provide a database backup option to the customer. Customers can directly download backup from settings. It can be used to recover if something happens.


You can generate reports from the application and print reports with different filter conditions


Websafe Sales App

Customer Master

Invoice Generation

Customer Payments

Customer Statements

Customer Balance

Our Key Features

With bulk printing, you can now print multiple invoices, receipts, or any other sales documents all at once. This saves you time and effort compared to printing each document individually, making it a great option for businesses with high-volume sales or frequent invoicing needs.

The customer statement and balance feature allows users to view customer's account status including outstanding balances, recent payments, and overall financial standing with the company. It enables businesses to analyze their cash flow, manage receivables and minimize bad debts.


Advanced Student information software

Admission Form for seeking admission

Report screen to summarize transactions

Print receipts of the payments made

Track payment history

Our Key Features

There are 20+ Configuration screens that allow the user to configure the data that is needed to be displayed in other screens.

Basic Configuration

The Basic configurations for the entire application will go here.

Academic Configuration

Academic Related data that is needed for other screens to function, like Courses, syllabus, Subjects, etc… are configured from this screen.

Cashier Configuration

There will be some financial transactions that are necessary to happen in every institution. This cashier configuration screen helps you to configure all the transaction related data.

This Module helps the user to record all the transactions like Transfer of students, Fee payment, Student admission, etc. that happen in educational institutions.

Admission Form

The application provides an application form screen which helps the user to enter the details of an admission seeking student and store this information digitally.

Transfer Certificate

The Transfer Certificate screen allows the user to generate TCs and view generated TCs.

Admit Student

we may not be able to admit all the students who had applied to get into the institution because of many reasons. So we have to be picky and give admission to some selected students. This screen allows you to admit students to the institution.

A Report makes a complex data to be viewed in simpler format and helps us understand the data depicted more easily. This module allows one to generate reports for some specified data in a tabular form. The user will also be able to take a print of the tabular report if he or she wishes to.


Our Native Mobile Applications

Gym Fee Management

Telegram Group Managment And Broadcast Application

Our Native Applications

Introducing our versatile management application, ideal for gym and tuition centers alike, with a strong focus on fee management. Easily track membership fees for your gym or tuition classes, generate invoices, and set up automated reminders for overdue payments. Our intuitive interface simplifies administrative tasks, allowing owners to prioritize delivering excellent services. Whether you're overseeing a fitness center or a tutoring facility, our application caters to your needs, ensuring seamless fee management to keep your operations efficient. Experience the convenience of streamlined fee management for both gym and tuition centers with our comprehensive management application today!

Introducing our Telegram group management and broadcast service, designed to streamline communication for communities, businesses, and organizations. Easily manage your Telegram groups with advanced moderation tools, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for members. Schedule and send broadcast messages to your entire group or specific segments, keeping everyone informed and engaged. Our service offers seamless integration with Telegram's platform, allowing for effortless management and broadcasting. Whether you're running a community group, a business channel, or an organization, our service empowers you to effectively manage communication and reach your audience with ease. Experience efficient Telegram group management and broadcast services today!


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